Saturday, 8 October 2011


We had friendly match with matikulasi Johor
it was supposed to start at 8.30am but ended up starting at about 11 something
dunno how to see time izit???? 
all our warming up were like for nothing
our semangat also became down
from can play in nice weather become play in hot sun
make us all become so BLACK!!!!!
my face and neck so pain from sunburn
hand and face also become so black T.T
it takes ages for me to become fairer abit

volleyball time

we were supposed to win
it should be an easy match for us
but we made so many mistakes including me
i find it damn hard to focus in the game
i dont know why but i just cant focus and cant play well
but it was a lesson learnt
although we girls lost in the volleyball game, but we managed to win in basketball
the points we scored in basketball was so much different than the opposite team
so proud of ourselves
good job girls!!! ^.^
we were all so exhausted and tired
we feel like 'kena bakar'
lol xD
after that, went out with li inn, shiu loong, sook cheng, etc.
we ate sushi king which costs me RM30+ 
watched movie

 Li inn & me fell asleep
because we were too tired & the movie is kinda boring
the love story is too slow
which makes us feel bored
waste my $$$

bought face masks 

my face is too black
makes me look so ugly
i dont wan become black T.T
taken by Shiu Loong :) :)

very very tiring but enjoy day today. 
need to sleep early to charge energy.